Sunday, July 22, 2018

Stash Report 072218

Fabric In:  Not a bit.  I even drove past all the thrift stores on an errand, but it was pouring down rain and I had a very heavy load of bathroom tile in the back of the van (dealing with mold, yuck) so I was already driving super cautiously and I didn't want any extra stops.

Fabric Out:
I got the Carpenter Star quilted so I can count the backing fabric out.  It was the same polka dot as the border and one of the star points.  Now it is all gone except for a few small scraps.  I get sad to see favorites get used up, but that is the point of using the stash, right?  2.5 yards out for backing
Almost finished

I thought I would get more sewn this week because Little S was away on a mission trip with her youth group, but household things and a migraine got in the way.  I am satisfied with the carpenter star progress though and the reality is there was a lot of time and prep involved in the quilting of that.

Fabric Purchased since last report: 0 yards
Fabric Purchased YTD: 55.67 yards

Fabric Acquired since last report: 0 yards
Fabric Acquired YTD: 22.65 yards

Fabric Used since last report: 2.5 yards backing
Fabric Used YTD: 104.66 yards

Total: 26.34 yards destashed

Slow and steady.  I am headed in the right direction and that is the important thing.  Little S is away again this coming week at a church camp, so I will try to be more productive!  College E heads back soon, so I am also trying to take advantage of every moment I can with her.

Don't forget to check out the July Giveaway to see how you can help me get even more fabric out of the stash!

Kate over at Life In Pieces has challenged us to try to stitch 15 minutes each day.  I was able to sew every day.  The quilting of a quilt is not my favorite part and is tedious, so I worked at in in spurts each day.  Every little bit moves a project forward!

Days stitched since last report: 7/7
Days stitched this year: 184/202
Success Rate: 91%

Linking up to QuiltPaintCreate and Life in Pieces to keep accountable.


  1. Hope your migraine is gone. You've done great with the migraine.

  2. It's always frustrating when a migraine shows up just when you have plans. Hope you are feeling much better. Congrats on the stash usage and on finding time to stitch this last week.

  3. Great stitching and sewing progress this week. I'm so sorry about the migraine. I had them when I was 30 years younger, but rarely now, thank goodness! It is really hard to think about anything else when one comes along! Beautiful star. That's a great color of blue.


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