Sunday, September 9, 2018

Weighted Lap Pads & Hot Pads

No fabric in this week.  None at all.  Whew!

Fabric out:

2 frog & turtle weighted lap pads for Craft Fair - 0.63 yds
I love this fabric!
2 ocean weighted lap pads for Craft Fair - 0.76 yds
The perfect use for a large print.
4 cloth napkins with mitered corners for Craft Fair - 0.71 yds
Before they were sewn.
24 signature squares for carnival auction quilt - 0.71 yds
(no photo - you know what a white square looks like - right?!)

6 quilted hot pads for Library sewing class - 0.72 yds
4 of the 6 finished hot pads.  Nice job, ladies!
Fabric Purchased since last report: 0 yards
Fabric Purchased YTD: 95.01 yards

Fabric Acquired since last report: 0 yards
Fabric Acquired YTD: 22.65 yards

Fabric Used since last report: 3.53 yards
Fabric Used YTD: 136.56 yards

Total: 4.65 yards destashed

This week I was in a kind of limbo not knowing from day to day when I would start the new job.  Since I didn't start the new job I started some new projects.  Thankfully they were little and got finished.  Now if I could just settle down and get some of the big projects done.

The Library class yesterday went great.  Quilted hot pads.  The ladies are all excited about setting up additional classes outside of the library, so that is encouraging.  I had my first sale on Etsy this week which was exciting as well.

Kate over at Life In Pieces has challenged us to try to stitch 15 minutes each day.  I was able to sew at least 15 minutes most days.  Some days more.  I am happy for that.  Labor Day I even got Little S sewing!

Days stitched since last report: 6/7
Days stitched this year: 236/258
Success Rate: 91%

Linking up to QuiltPaintCreate and Life in Pieces to keep accountable.


  1. Awesome projects. What fun to do a sewing class. I've thought about it, but have not added it to my things to do list. LOL

  2. Looks like stuff was happening in your sewing room! Good luck on the new job.

  3. Great numbers and fine projects all around - especially for your craft fair.

  4. More out than in is always a good stash report. Those little bits do add up. Congrats on finding time to stitch most days last week. Happy stitching this week.


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