Sunday, August 19, 2018

Fall Fabric and More

Last week I missed a report.  Pretty much just missed the week altogether with everything that was going on.  I did do the Thankful Thursday posts, but it turned out both of them were on Fridays.  I don't know how I was that far off!! But now I think I am getting back to normal.

Fabric In: I cannot tell a lie.  Fabric came in.  Lots of it.  I was out thrifting on my first day in 20 years that the girls went back to school and I didn't.  That was strange.  I was looking for something specific, so I took the opportunity to make the big loop of thrift stores.  I didn't find what I was looking for but I did find some great deals on fabric - and I have a purpose for all of it.

White 100% cotton still on the bolt $2.  I haven't measured it yet so will carry this over to next week.  I can always use white, especially with another hexagon quilt finish fast approaching.

Dark green with brown details: 2 1/3 yards $1.50
This just says "fall" to me!
Lilac flannel: 1/2 yard $0.50  It has already been made into burp cloths and reusable makeup wipes.
And the lilac said "baby burp cloth!"
I had been telling myself I could just use what I have to make items for the craft fair in October, but at these prices I can't not buy it. 

Fabric Out:

These are pretty addicting for a car ride.
Flannel blanket with crochet edges.  Ladybug blanket was finished a while back, but not reported.  Pink rosebuds was finished a week or so ago.  Farm blanket got finished on the trip to get College E back to school.  4.02 yards
More burp cloths. 
Made some more burp cloths.  I love making these.  Sure hope they sell at the craft fair.  3 yards

Love the polka dots.
Bright hexagons got a binding.  0.34 yards

Pillowcase set.
Second pillowcase was completed.  Little S made one at the library class a while back and there was just enough fabric to make a matching case, so I finally did.  It sure would have been easier if they had been cut at the same time so I didn't have to remeasure to make sure they were identical.  2.2 yards for both.  I don't think I reported the first pillowcase back in June, but if so I'll readjust my numbers later.

Fabric Purchased since last report: 2.83 yards
Fabric Purchased YTD: 74.34 yards

Fabric Acquired since last report: 0 yards
Fabric Acquired YTD: 22.65 yards

Fabric Used since last report: 9.56 yards
Fabric Used YTD: 121.26 yards

Total: 10.81 yards destashed

Don't forget to check out the August Giveaway.  Help me get more fabric out of the stash.

Kate over at Life In Pieces has challenged us to try to stitch 15 minutes each day.  This was definitely an odd last few weeks.  Considering everything that was going on I am happy with my progress.  I love that 15 minutes can make a difference in productivity and attitude.

Days stitched since last report: 12/14
Days stitched this year: 217/237
Success Rate: 92%

Linking up to QuiltPaintCreate and Life in Pieces to keep accountable.


  1. That isn't so much fabric in and you already used some of it. You're still in the black so it's all good!

  2. you did well with your thrifting.

  3. Don't worry about your total, it's manageable. I bought 8 more yards than I needed this week! And I only bought 8 yards. LOL

  4. I love you pillow cases and fabric finds. I bet that really was a lot of fun.

    You are the first recent person online that I have found who crochets around the edge of baby blankets like me. How fun!

  5. Even with the incoming you ended in the black, so that's a good week. You did well on finding time to stitch too. Hope this week is as good.


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