Sunday, March 11, 2018

Stash 031118

It was a close call, but nothing came in this week.  The last few weeks have been so very hectic that I briefly considered "treating" myself to thrift therapy.  Then I got smart and went up and cleaned my project room to get ready for the deadline projects that are looming.

Done a week in advance. Woo hoo.
In the process I finished a work apron for Easter.  It was made from scraps and in one place I had to piece on top of a piece on top of a piece to make the design line up.  There was still a tiny gap, so it had gotten set aside.  I got it patched up pretty well, but then I also didn't have enough fabric to make a pocket and I can't work without a pocket.

You can hardly tell the spot is patched.
So I made a 4-patch pocket and in the search for something pretty for the trim I found and already made pink ribbon rose.  I added more of the lace and made a big yo-yo of turquoise to pinned it over the parched spot.
Looking good.
I wish the turquoise yo-yo had ended up larger, but overall I am pleased with the finished product. 

Our school Art Show was this past week and we got the Handprint Quilt done in time.  The handprint squares had been given to me and also the backing fabric, so I can only count out the white squares, border and binding.
Handprint Quilt is home for the weekend.
Fabric Purchased this week: 0 yards
Fabric Purchased YTD: 21.24 yards

Fabric Acquired this week: 0 yards
Fabric Acquired YTD: 10 yards

Fabric Used this week:  1.39 yards for Easter apron and Handprint Quilt
Fabric Used YTD: 25.65 yards

Total: 5.59 yards stashed

I'm still in the hole, but not by much.  Hopefully now that things are calming down I'll have some more finishes and more time sewing. 

Days stitched this week: 5/7
Days stitched this month:  6/10
Days stitched this year: 61/69
Success Rate: 88%

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  1. Very cute apron. You'll have positive numbers in no time.

  2. What a cute apron. You are doing well on your stash usage. Just a little more and you will be in the black.

  3. Very cute apron and that handprint quilt turned out beautifully! Congrats on the stash busting and on finding time to stitch. Some weeks it's just plain harder than others. Thanks for linking up to the 15 minutes to stitch.